Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bloody Screwdriver (Time E Mission 32)

(Mercury Theatre - Heart of Darkness)
Shaun Robert - Vibrissae
(Youtube: Disassemble & Reassemble)
Andrea Borghi - Aent
vs SlowBlow - Rainbow
vs Triosk - Lost Reprise
vs Kat Bula & Zach Zinn live@minifest
vs The Avons - Four little Heels ((bootleg emissions))
She keeps Bees - Burn
Lucky Dragons vs Terry Callier - Mirror Eyed Joe ((bootleg emission))
Alog - Baklandet
vs - Beatcasso - Waiting for you with no Shoes on ((bootleg emission))
Timbre Timber - Beat Drum Slowly
Audio 88 - Mach Kaputt
Crown Hutch - As Es La Vida
vs Jonny Greenwood - Oil ((bootleg emission))
Women - China Steps
vs The Lovely Sparrows - Teenage Viking ((bootleg emission))
Bizarre Leidenschaft - Plastikpuppen
Actress vs Daniel Johnston - Jelly Corner ((bootleg emission))
Shigeto - New Light
Shabazz Palaces - Motion Sickness
Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal
Shlohmo feat How to dress well - Don’t say No
vs Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro ((bootleg emission))
Motem - Psychos
Piotr Kurek - Goddess Eye
vs Maica Mia - Don’t let Call ((bootleg emission))
Madlib - Dirty Hop (The Shuffle)
Lee Noble - Bed Spell
vs Dean Blunt - Demon ((bootleg emission))
Spacemen 3 - Let me down gently
Diane Cluck - Half a Million Miles away from Home
Blu & Exile - The Narrow Path
vs November Nivelet - Awakening
vs Michael Gira - Promise of Water ((bootleg emissions))
Minimal Compact - Bat-Yam
vs Pill Friends - Murder me For my Sins ((bootleg emission))

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