Sunday, 6 July 2014

Time E Mission 28: A Pair of Reasonable Clouds

vs Steeve - 13 Anklets (Beginning)
vs youtube:socialdocial
vs Tones on Tail - Shakes
Jan Jelinek - Fragments One
vs Trick 17 - Wenn die Russen kommen
vs The Numbs - 000’0006
vs Juergen Knieper - Potsdamer Platz
vs Mily Hirst - I still
vs Colin Stetson - In Love and Justice ((bootleg emissions))
White Owl Brown - I am the Wal-Mart
The New Honey Shade - Streetlamps
vs Pacific 231 - Fucking Bloody
vs Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit ((bootleg emissions))
Mo Kolours - Mike Black
Kadura - Oceanic Element
vs Apollo Brown - The Answer ((bootleg emission))
Kristine Barrett - Prelude
vs Bay of Pigs - Child’s Lament ((bootleg emission))
Lisa-Liza - Black Out
Matmos - Aetheric Vehicle
Bruce Licher/Chez Voz - Bridge
Andy Fisher - The Forgotten Caffee in Berlin
vs Vincent Gallo - The Way it is Waltz ((bootleg emission))
This is the Kit - Waterproof
Forward Music Quintet - I will not apologise
vs Fursaxa - Clè Elum
(Fursaxa - Intro_beginning) ((bootleg emission))
Dan Deacon - Wet Wings
vs Paavoharju - Ilmaa Virtaa ((bootleg emission))
Shlohmo - Ghosts pt.2
Son Lux - All the right Things
vs Soap & Skin - a room to pass the time through ((bootleg emission))
Error Broadcast - Open Hearts (feat. Carmel Khavari)
Sunspot Jonz - Contact
vs Sun Araw - Crown Shell ((bootleg emission))
Les Halles - Schlecht
Lee Noble - Retreat, Abandon
Kites Sail High - Untitled

vs Lucky Dragons - About Peter ((bootleg emission))