Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Erweiterter Kader

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nice Couple

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Better if...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Trouble finding a Title


Queue up

Misguided beds

Time E Mission 29 - Hit 'em with Ahoy

Hit 'em with Ahoy (Time E Mission 29) by Timeemitter on Mixcloud

Lucky Dragons - Shape Tape (side A; excerpt)
vs Pascal Comelade - White Light
vs Plastic Trash - Now that’s over ((bootleg emissions))
Jerry Butler - Isle of Sirens
vs Port St. Willow - Two Five Five Two ((bootleg emission))
L.Pierre - KAB 1340
Motem - Sinking Feeling
Coma Cinema - Her sinking Sun
vs Marcabru vs Emeralds - Pax in Candy Domini ((bootleg emission))
Brandon Hurtado - Long Drive
Beak - Elevator
vs Blouse vs Clogs - Raise Justine ((bootleg emission))
vs Dean Blunt - Ten ((bootleg emission))
Deerhof - Almost Everyone, almost Always
Disco Inferno - In Sharky Waters
vs Franco Battiato - Aria di Revoluzione ((bootleg emission))
Severed Heads - Army
Fuselab - Bonus.Piano & Atmosphere
vs Dirty Art Club - Black Acid
vs Gonjasufi - The Blame (excerpt) ((bootleg emissions))
Hundred Waters - Visitor
It is Rain in my Face - Macknowledge
Jape - At the Heart of all of this Strangeness
vs Kristine Barrett - Prelude
vs Blithe Field - Swam Home ((bootleg emissions))
Chromatics - Tick of the Clock
vs Deyhim & Horowitz - Tear ((bootleg emission))
(vs YouTube: Seyle’s GAS - Psychology)
Toru Takemitsu - In an Autumn Garden for Gagaku Ensemble
vs Jacob Augustine - The Devil
vs To Rococo Rot vs This is the Kit - Ash Cut Away ((bootleg emissions))
(“Prophet” from 'There will be Blood’)
vs Alog - Book of lightning
vs Arch M - Noodle 1k ((bootleg emission))
(Jack Nicholson_Joker in Batman)
Faust - "The Evocation of Mephisto” (excerpt) from F.W. Murnau
Dirty Beaches - Belgrade

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Some of you

just look silently and leave no trace
I look at you and follow you
Do you have a word?
One that breaks a word.
One that makes it two.

New here

It starts when you re-consider more often
You hesitate where you once raced through
I can feel my heart beat much better now
It stumbles, but I guess it is alright...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Still there

I have knocked
but remained hidden
I have trusted
and never sealed a letter
you have come to taste me
I hope you brought enough sugar
be silent and dream of someone else's eyes

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Shape a tongue

Nur Schall und Rauch.

Keine richtigen Explosionen mehr.

Die Wölfe jagen schon längst woanders.

Und mir fiel wieder ein, dass ich etwas vergessen hatte.

Alles abgeschlossen?

Da oben hab ich ne Ecke vergessen.

Schon wieder vergessen.

Und so schick im Querformat alles hier.
Die DVDs sind halt rund
und glitzern so schön wie die Vögel.

Das macht doch keinen Sinn!
Und mach nicht wieder so einen Rücken.
Du sollst gerade sitzen.

Ach, ist das nicht schön hier?!
Das ist wie bei Aral mit dem Blau da oben.

Was solls...

A storm is coming.

Und das ist ganz bestimmt nur die halbe Wahrheit..

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I am back with a photo that I had taken 2 months ago on the German Island of Ruegen.
The past 6 weeks I have been travelling through Italy and Greece.
19 Rolls of film and I needed 10 more, but I could not get any anywhere.
More to see soon...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Time E Mission 28: A Pair of Reasonable Clouds

vs Steeve - 13 Anklets (Beginning)
vs youtube:socialdocial
vs Tones on Tail - Shakes
Jan Jelinek - Fragments One
vs Trick 17 - Wenn die Russen kommen
vs The Numbs - 000’0006
vs Juergen Knieper - Potsdamer Platz
vs Mily Hirst - I still
vs Colin Stetson - In Love and Justice ((bootleg emissions))
White Owl Brown - I am the Wal-Mart
The New Honey Shade - Streetlamps
vs Pacific 231 - Fucking Bloody
vs Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit ((bootleg emissions))
Mo Kolours - Mike Black
Kadura - Oceanic Element
vs Apollo Brown - The Answer ((bootleg emission))
Kristine Barrett - Prelude
vs Bay of Pigs - Child’s Lament ((bootleg emission))
Lisa-Liza - Black Out
Matmos - Aetheric Vehicle
Bruce Licher/Chez Voz - Bridge
Andy Fisher - The Forgotten Caffee in Berlin
vs Vincent Gallo - The Way it is Waltz ((bootleg emission))
This is the Kit - Waterproof
Forward Music Quintet - I will not apologise
vs Fursaxa - Clè Elum
(Fursaxa - Intro_beginning) ((bootleg emission))
Dan Deacon - Wet Wings
vs Paavoharju - Ilmaa Virtaa ((bootleg emission))
Shlohmo - Ghosts pt.2
Son Lux - All the right Things
vs Soap & Skin - a room to pass the time through ((bootleg emission))
Error Broadcast - Open Hearts (feat. Carmel Khavari)
Sunspot Jonz - Contact
vs Sun Araw - Crown Shell ((bootleg emission))
Les Halles - Schlecht
Lee Noble - Retreat, Abandon
Kites Sail High - Untitled

vs Lucky Dragons - About Peter ((bootleg emission))

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