Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Friday, 4 March 2011

i will continue to sing

It has been a while and sometimes i thought it would be too late anyway...
but it wasn't even though the mist in front of my eyes remained thick for a long time.
nostalgia is heavily linked with myself; i keep on longing for things that have been long gone. people, places and times...#
some weeks ago my only external harddrive died and with it all my digital photos that i had taken in the past 10 years. i was about to create a backup of the data, but it failed to do so when the hdd did not start again. i cannot really tell why i was not upset. i simply wasn't. from time to time some of these digital photos pop back into my mind and i can clearly see them in my mind. they are still there, somewhere in the depths of my memory.
the film negative is something else. i still have hundreds of them stored at my friend's place in london. since my move to hamburg in the summer of 2009 i have not been taking any analogue photographs.
finally, i got my camera, and i will continue to sing for nostalgia....