Thursday, 19 May 2011

scratch a label

there is this gaze that goes nowhere. a moment when she abandons herself and others around her. blackout. you cannot talk to her any longer. she is lost and doesnt recognise you anymore. it is herself she is swearing at, and others to fill
with her pain
that she cannot put into order.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

dollkiller/sickgirl (berlin)

these photos are excerpts from my first ever fashion shoot for berlin based paola kubes (label/shop)
my friend maité who is a friend of hers asked me to create a series. regarding the little time for organising and shooting it i am quite happy about the results (at least for two weeks;o)

berlin again

the last weekend i spent in berlin where i used to live from 2003 till 2006. here is where i started focusing on photography and primarily on abandoned and decayed places in and around berlin. someone asked me why there was so much of this kind of photography nowadays? take robert polidori for fine art photography for example and even the amateur photographers like me use the camera to document abandoned buildings, revisiting places from the past. indeed, i can only speak for myself in this matter. when i was a kid there was an abandoned house in my village. only this one, but i was lucky to have it around the corner from where i lived. the traces of the previous owners fascinated me. magazines, furniture, anything that i had found in this building from cellar to attic. when i moved to berlin in 2003 the decay of former GDR-area was prominent, visible everywhere. most interestingly the further you went outside the city. i do play out these explorations of my past, i find sometimes beauty and photograph it, and sometimes i find objects like chairs or even a sealed black and white medium format film from the GDR (still sealed) that i take with me like a treasure hunter. there is a lot to find out there and i am happy for it...