Sunday, 12 October 2014

Time E Mission 29 - Hit 'em with Ahoy

Hit 'em with Ahoy (Time E Mission 29) by Timeemitter on Mixcloud

Lucky Dragons - Shape Tape (side A; excerpt)
vs Pascal Comelade - White Light
vs Plastic Trash - Now that’s over ((bootleg emissions))
Jerry Butler - Isle of Sirens
vs Port St. Willow - Two Five Five Two ((bootleg emission))
L.Pierre - KAB 1340
Motem - Sinking Feeling
Coma Cinema - Her sinking Sun
vs Marcabru vs Emeralds - Pax in Candy Domini ((bootleg emission))
Brandon Hurtado - Long Drive
Beak - Elevator
vs Blouse vs Clogs - Raise Justine ((bootleg emission))
vs Dean Blunt - Ten ((bootleg emission))
Deerhof - Almost Everyone, almost Always
Disco Inferno - In Sharky Waters
vs Franco Battiato - Aria di Revoluzione ((bootleg emission))
Severed Heads - Army
Fuselab - Bonus.Piano & Atmosphere
vs Dirty Art Club - Black Acid
vs Gonjasufi - The Blame (excerpt) ((bootleg emissions))
Hundred Waters - Visitor
It is Rain in my Face - Macknowledge
Jape - At the Heart of all of this Strangeness
vs Kristine Barrett - Prelude
vs Blithe Field - Swam Home ((bootleg emissions))
Chromatics - Tick of the Clock
vs Deyhim & Horowitz - Tear ((bootleg emission))
(vs YouTube: Seyle’s GAS - Psychology)
Toru Takemitsu - In an Autumn Garden for Gagaku Ensemble
vs Jacob Augustine - The Devil
vs To Rococo Rot vs This is the Kit - Ash Cut Away ((bootleg emissions))
(“Prophet” from 'There will be Blood’)
vs Alog - Book of lightning
vs Arch M - Noodle 1k ((bootleg emission))
(Jack Nicholson_Joker in Batman)
Faust - "The Evocation of Mephisto” (excerpt) from F.W. Murnau
Dirty Beaches - Belgrade

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